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Semi-Annual Coin & Currency Show

2017 Semi-Annual Wabash ValleyCoin & Currency Show is now scheduled for Sunday, August 20th, 2017.
It will be from 9:00-3:00
Over a dozen items raffled this year.  You can buy raffle tickets at the door also.
Check our "Upcoming Events" for the next one.

Site of the Wabash Valley Coin Club Semi-Annual Coin & Currency Show


In February, of this year, the Wabash Valley Coin Club hosted its semi-annual Coin & Currency Show. Show hours were from 9AM to 3PM Eastern time, and there was free admission, free parking, & security. 
Collectors from all over the Wabash Valley came to this show for a variety of reasons, such as finding that special coin or currency note for their collection, looking to sell their specimens, or even view exhibits.  Anyone who came to the show was greeted by reputable dealers from Indiana and Illinois as well as club members. Visitors were also given the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets with the grand prize of a $10 Gold Piece. The show had hourly door prize drawings and a raffle at the end of the show. 
The show was advertised in numismatic publications such as Numismatic News and Coin World, and also in organization publications like the Indiana State Numismatic Association "News", Central States Numismatic Society "Centinel", and the American Numismatic Association "Numismatist".  Congratulations to the winners of the raffles!

Information: please contact Marvin Mericle at or Mark Lorenzano at email: